Delta EcoFarm

Zinnias lovingly planted by Toni Hart.

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Sundoggie Organics

Squash delivered fresh to chefs and markets in Northern California.

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Delta EcoTours

Delta EcoFarm will be giving tours again soon! Farm Tours, Wedding and Corporate events and more. Jeff Hart will also be giving lectures about his CaliNature Book Series.

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A Natural History of the Golden State

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Delta EcoFarm

Sunflower fields

Sundoggie Organics

Suppliers to local chefs, markets...

Delta Eco Farm Tours & Events

Retreat to California Nature

CaliNature Book Series

A Natural History of the Golden State

Our paths have lead us here, to this land we still call the Delta, growing the food we eat and sharing it with others. Every day supplies us with a new lesson as we continue down the road of life. . . we hope you can join us along the way. Jeff Hart & Toni Toban-Hart